Unlike some mala places, the ingredients here are charged by the number of ingredients picked, and not by weight. For 6 types of vegetables, we paid $8 and this is just nice for both of us! Probably the cheapest we have spent on mala to date. Best eaten with a bowl of fluffy rice, this bowl was served with mouth-watering aroma. Personal favourites are bean threads, fried beancurd sheets, wood ear, golden and enoki mushrooms (wow, just realised how big of a mushroom fan we are!), potato noodles, and kai lan (but it ran out today so we got dou miao, Doug’s fav). Who needs meat when veggies are so amazing in a big bowl of yummy mala?
The mala xiang guo is really fragrant, and their potato noodles are a must order - thin, chewy and really delightful. The enoki mushrooms did well in absorbing some flavour from the mala paste, and tasted savoury and slightly peppery.
For zhong la (中辣), the dish was sufficiently spicy, and a tad numb but not overly tingly, plus it wasnt drizzled with peppercorns all over! We asked for less oil and the dish came definitely not slurpy oily! Seasoned with nuts and coriander, they make for a great combination when tossed around in the piquant mala sauce. Slightly savoury but not overpowering, the sauce allowed the flavor to shine through. This is a great place to indulge in an addictively flavoursome bowl of mala hot pot.
Saltiness: 3/5
Numb: 3.5/5
Spicy: 3/5
Flavor Fragrance: 4/5
📍Chinese Cuisine
ACV Food Court
302 Ubi Ave 1
Singapore 400302
Opening Hours
Daily: 6am – 10pm
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