Kraftwich, the sandwich deli arm of popular bakery Swissbake, is one of the first tenants to operate at the spanking new Tanjong Pagar Centre basement. It's $3 coffee and healthy grain breads seem to be huge hits with working crowds in the other CBD outlet). The long display of sandwiches and salad ingredients were certainly enticing, a variety that included smoked salmon and pulled beef. An additional $5 completes the set with a soup and drink.
I wasn’t impressed by the dull grey and equally unappetising mushroom soup that was clumpy and bland, and even more disappointed with the dry maize bread with pumpkin seed topping. The thick slices of succulent smoked duck atop mixed greens, tomatoes and pickles gave some consolation, though it would’ve been better paired with a softer buttery type of bread, or maybe it just needs more dressing in the sandwich to juice it up. I don’t want to completely write this place off just yet though, hopefully I’ll get to try something that’s much better on my next visit - the smoked salmon or portobello maybe?