Almost all cafes selling poke bowls open only on weekdays, so I was left with not much choices when I wanted a poke bowl on a Sunday night. Sweetfish Poke takes up a small space in Capitol Piazza, serving mainly as a take out because it only has 4 bar counter seats. There are 3 sizes (S - $9, M - $14, L - $18), 3 bases (Japanese rice, brown & red rice, and romaine lettuce) and 6 flavours to choose from, of which my bf and I chose the sweet yuzu cream with salmon and kimchi tuna. The former came with bits of fried garlic which gave each bite a burst of crunch and aroma, but this also masked the yuzu flavour which was unfortunate. The latter had nothing to rave about, but I just felt that the combination of kimchi with tuna didn't work so well.

Compared to (my favourite) A Poke Theory, the amount of toppings given here is much less generous, with only a few slices/pieces of vegetables with the fish. A Poke Theory is also one of the few, if not the only, cafes that offers sushi rice (aka vinegared Japanese rice) instead of just plain rice.

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