Have long been seeing Lino’s pizza making the rounds on my social media. Decided to put it to the test and paid them a visit using my Burpple Beyond deal and I must say, the Burrata Pizza deserved all the hype that it was getting!

The pizza crust was how I like them to be: thin. No one has time to get full on carbs so thin crust is the best way to go, also, you get the most bang for your buck 😉 the pizza arrived with a ball of burrata placed atop a bed of marinated cherry tomatoes and tomato passata, where you got to break into it and spread that cold burrata over the warm pizza such that the cheese slowly melts and spread like the Red Sea. Despite the huge ball of burrata being spread out, you’d find it really light on the palate, and you wouldn’t feel jelak at all. The creaminess from the cheese serves as a good counterpoint to the tarty tomato base, making this a well loved pizza among customers, seeing as to how almost every table had this.

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