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Sheikh Haikal knows his burgers I'm guessing! @fatpapas was a treat. The sesame seed buns were soft yet had enough texture to hold the beef patty when knifed. The beef patties were juicy yet held enough to not crumble. Very flavourful. The option of customizing the burgers came as a treat though the optional add-ons were rather pricey ($1 for 5 pickles! Yes, I counted). The sauces offered were plentiful and rather unique (peanut butter and sambal? ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿค”) and the overall experience of eating at the diner was pleasant.
The ambience was accommodating and the staff were rather attentive and helpful (no service charge guys!) Which made the whole experience enjoyable. Came in not expecting much and left with a desire to return.

Found myself comparing this to the recent Kava's Coffee burgers... Kava's don't qualify a fight.

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