From Thye Guan Fragrance Hot Pot at Viva Food Court at Vista Point in Woodlands. Thought that they were an independent stall but it seems like they have quite a number of outlets across the island (there’s also another one in Woodlands along Woodlands Avenue 6). While I am not much of a Mala Hotpot lover, I do love some good Spicy Diced Chicken (辣子鸡) whenever I crave for something spicy and numbing.

The Spicy Diced Chicken here is spot-on for that craving; especially love how the chicken is fried all crispy with a golden brown batter on the exterior, while being reasonably tender and not being particularly greasy as well. It comes all saltish and savoury with a good kick of spiciness from the Sichuan peppers that they have used — the numbness does kick in after a few morsels, but I absolutely love how there is a good balance of all those flavours that keeps building up with every bite. I wouldn’t really attempt having the entire portion on my own considering I always end up giving up somewhere at the 3/4 mark from the spiciness and numbness even when I am sharing, but it’s certainly a torture that I would go through again and again simply because of how addictive this is!

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