All that for $4.50

I saw this on toggle’s cheap cheap vs atas and at once was intrigued by how peranakan food can exist in the Hawker space.

I mean.. ALL THAT WORK + the unending list of ingredients involved and 🙌🏻🙌🏻 hands in the air, cos it all SHONE THROUGH.

I felt so humbled for slighting this sloppy looking plate for the brief second. The veggie curry really was LEMAK. It was a tad too salty on its own but that stubborn coconut and mix of spice just won’t leave your mouth without assaulting your tastebuds. The onions/gingers in the veggie rempah were like the greatest showman.

Pungently good and it wasn’t like they used the same rempah in every dish. Cos the chicken curry tasted different than the veggie curry. The chicken curry was a lot more dilute but that piece of chicken leg as you can see is falling apart soft.

Don’t leave without having the omelette! Super thick, oily, fluffy, fragrant ❤️

⭐️ 10/10 ⭐️

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