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Flavours: Pistachio & Green Tea Toasted Rice, Choco Hojicha & Pecan (+$0.70 for all premium scoops)

Such an indulgent dessert with two scoops of creamy gelato on a buttery flaky croissant pastry. Dopa Dopa doesn’t have the widest selection of ice cream flavours available, but they have many unique ones that they do well and we had a tough time choosing which four to have. The pistachio flavour is really good, nutty and not artificial tasting at all. The green tea toasted rice was a lighter flavour, but captured the fragrant roasty aroma of green tea and had little bits of toasted rice too for extra mouthfeel. The choco hojicha carries both the chocolate and roasted tea flavours very well, providing a spin on the regular chocolate flavour that leaves you craving for more with each bite. As for pecan, that’s one flavour I haven’t seen on its own before and I love it! The pecan has a sharper and more bitter taste than pistachio, which makes it perfect to counterbalance the sweetness in the ice cream.

Texture-wise, all the ice cream are super creamy and thick! I love them. However, they do tend to melt quite quickly and make the croissant pastry soggy so eat up fast!