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Hands down the best bowl of beef noodles I’ve had. Trust me, I’ve been to the famous stores around Singapore and I dare say that this is really the best of the best.

I especially loved how savory the gravy is right here. Most beef noodles stores serve the noddles with a starchy base, which is just that. Little to no flavour, just thick and starchy. But the one here actually has a nice savory profile to it. Best stirred in with some of their kickass chilli sauce which helps to add a little bite to the base.

The beef slices and balls were tender and fresh. No funky beef smells detected, testimony to the sell out here at Hock Lam.

The soup on the side too was kickass. Not too herbal-ish, nor too bland. It was just the right mix of herbs, which acted as a nice side kick to the powerful noodles.

$7.80 per bowl may not be cheap. But it sure is worth every single cent.