As a great fan of fushion food, I really have to give Depizza a big shout out!! They managed to retain the characteristics of what a pizza should be, and yet have the very Asian flavour, especially the Chilli Crab pizza!! Easily my favourite out of the three pizzas we ordered!! The usual thin crust was change to a huge mantou, which was really good!!!! That stole my stomach away la!!

They are also very very generous with their toppings!! Really Cheesy pizza was EXTREMELY cheesy and it comes with local sauces (garlic and chilli) to eat with, an attempt at making it local!! Also the Salmon Mentaiko pizza, was filled with salmon cubes, and it comes together some wasabi flake which we can choose to add. Not too strong but definitely adds a lot to the taste.

Besides, it’s really a nice and simple ambience, and a quiet escape from the busy street. A good place to chill and catch up with my friends.

11/10 would head back!! :”)