Have been dying to try this place because I’ve always seen long queues. I waited for about 35 minutes after reaching at around 10.40am on a Saturday. So I’d suggest either coming before it opens or really be ready to wait. Got a few things that had the mark of chef’s signature - egg tarts, chilli dumplings, custard bao, har gow and siew mai. These Chef specials were really really good! The egg tarts were served fresh and piping hot. The custard melts in your mouth. The siew mai and har gow was very generous with its filling - likewise the custard bao. If you see the first picture, you can see remnants of the egg yolk within the bao, at least you know that they really make this using pure egg yolk! The flavour of the chilli oil dumplings were great too, I dipped the other dim sum in its sauce as well😂 I probably wouldn’t come back for the char siew chee Cheong fan again though.

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