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While I found the truffle oil that had been liberally drizzled onto the cold somen quite overwhelming, there was no denying that this Cold Truffle Somen with Scallop Sashimi & Caviar ($16++) was exquisitely enjoyable. Especially after a meal stuffed full of mouthwatering meat in the form of Le Coq’s titillating yakitori.

The noodles were delightfully springy & bouncy, and were jus the right side of al dente. As for the sashimi scallops...oh man. The stellar scallop sashimi was stupendously sweet and sensually supple, a fine accompaniment to the noodles. The caviar was dotted around amongst the somen, and each provided a scintillatingly savoury pop when bitten into. Absolutely addictive, believe me.

Eating this plate of somen on a screaming hot day? Oh man.