Aloo Gobi - $12.90
Dal Tadka - $12.90
Tandoori Chicken 2 piece - $9
Garlic Naan 1 piece - $4

This was my lunch today, my first time ordering from Indian Curry House.

FYI: currently there’s 20% off first time orders on their website and 15% off for subsequent orders.

Aloo Gobi - Wish there was more cauliflower. Didn’t quite appreciate the oil smell. Also found it too cheesy for my liking. Definitely have has better versions of this elsewhere. The portion is pretty huge, maybe for 2-4 people. Found this a little off putting.

Dal Tadka - Passable, there’s quite a lot of lentils. But it’s lacking in spices a little. Have had more delicious yelow dal elsewhere. Portion also pretty huge maybe for 2-4 people.

Tandoori Chicken 2 pieces - Nothing really bad to say. It’s not bad. Just a little burnt. Smells good! The smell of the tandoori chicken when I walk past the restaurant was actually what drew me in in the first place.

Garlic Naan: Sadly disappointing. A little oily and rubbery. It looks kind of like a chapati. Not fluffy and crispy and garlicky as it should be! Pretty meh would not order again I think, didn’t really enjoy this.

On the whole, I found the food expensive and the prices not really justified for the taste and quality.

I miss Gayatri, the Indian restaurant near my office! It’s a lot better!

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