Fortunately, Chef Patrick has launched six different DIY Pasta Kits at an affordable rate that you can still enjoy your pasta at the comfort of your own home with just a few simple preparation steps. The sauces and ingredients are freeze-packed in individual portions so that you can keep them for up to four weeks in the freezer. If you are lazy, like me, you can even get the handmade Tagliatelle pasta, that also comes frozen, to pair with the sauces. Each of these come with clear and easy instructions and within minutes, your plate of pasta will be ready. Pictured is the Beef Bolognese ($8) and Mushroom Truffle Cream ($7), the latter comes with sautéed Japanese Shimeji and Eryngi mushrooms in a homemade truffle cream sauce. You can swipe right to view the full menu for these DIY Pasta Kits.

To order, simply call or WhatsApp to 8922 2246 and you can pick them up from the restaurant or opt for delivery at a flat fee of $10. If your orders go above $180, delivery charges will be waived.
80 South Bridge Road, Golden Castle Building, Unit 01-01, Singapore 058710

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