Fries were thick and chunky - almost like wedges. They were drizzled with aged cheddar sauce and topped with melted raclette, mozzarella cheese, sliced red onions, parsley and shaved parmesan. What a sinful and delicious side dish, we really enjoyed it tastewise.

I do wish they weren’t so stingy with the raclette cheese - I mean if they put it as the title of the dish I would expect it to take the main stage. Unfortunately there wasn’t really a lot of raclette and it was mainly just aged cheddar sauce, which taste was much stronger and overpowered the other cheeses. I was slightly disappointed that I couldn’t get to taste much of my beloved raclette cheese, but at least the dish was delicious nevertheless.

Visited this place for dinner on a Tuesday evening and we managed to get a seat upon walking in.