Probably the most affordable option that's also the most convenient for the office workers around Peace Centre/PoMo/Parklane Shopping Centre/WilkieEdge. For $3.50, the Pork Chop noodles come with grilled pork (yes; quite not the typical fried pork chop most stalls would serve up), fried wantons and soup wantons — that's quite a lot considering you don't get the fried ones in most scenarios. Sure, there's quite a lot to nitpick about this one; the food looks appealing considering it's generousity at first look but one is likely to realise that the wantons don't necessarily comes packed full of meat. That being said, Isle Cafe does check the boxes in the flavour department quite right; springy noodles laced in a decent amount of black sauce, considerably easy-to-chew pork chop that doesn't carry a porky stench yet still decently flavourful (it's done the same way as Ding Tai Fung's version; just way more toned down and cut in little strips — it fits the price category the Pork Chop Noodles are in perfectly) and crisp fried wantons. May not be the best around, but that grilled pork chop is certainly pretty unique, not to mention the quality seems to match up with the affordability.

(PS: their Wanton Mee sees a rather generous portion of rather decent char siew (not the very generically dyed ones) — it's something I actually look forward to having if I end up here for lunch.)