"Climax" seafood combo ($123.80++); meant for 2-4 pax. 3 of us ate & were stuffed. You have 4 options for flavours; this is the only non-spicy one (清蒸 aka steamed). The seafood were delicious, except for the crab which felt like it might not have been washed & the meat wasn't tender. Unfortunately, the soup was also disappointing - thought the flavour would be amazing with all the seafood, but it tasted like maggi mee soup. Is that why they serve it without spoons? Because the soup isn't worth drinking?

Heard that Captain K is better - haven't been there but I would now like to try.

Side dishes come before your main dishes do. These were very ordinary..... Not like the amazing Korean restaurant side dishes I am used to.

Each diner gets a nicely packaged set of: disposable wooden chopsticks, tissue paper, wet wipe, finger gloves.

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