The tiramisu desserts at L'Atelier Tiramisu come in many flavours and one of those is the Earl Grey Lavender-flavoured tiramisu. The texture of the shop's tiramisu desserts are to our liking, as they are not overly moist, and the ladyfingers are not overly soft as well! The mascarpone cheese and cream used were pretty generous and we loved that too!

However, we felt the taste was a little imbalanced in this rendition, as the lavender overpowered the bergamot flavour. Furthermore, there is not much coffee in this tiramisu so it differs from the traditional tiramisu dessert in this sense. It might have been better to let the earl grey flavour stand out a little more so that the dessert lives up to it's name 😁 Still a very refreshing taste nonetheless!

For $7.50++, this tiramisu can hold it's on against many of those served at higher-end restaurants and hence, we think you should give this place a try if you have a sweet tooth! Do take note that you shouldn't come too late, however, as some of their flavours can be sold out before the stall closes.