I couldn’t help but marvel at the petite human dynamo as she coolly powered through each order at her hawker stall.
Basically a one-woman “zichar” show, she took orders, prepared and cooked them simultaneously at her wok, pot and pan, as well as collected money like a well-oiled machine. It was watching multitasking at its best.
I tried her “Thai Omelette with Rice” and “Tom Yum Soup”. Both were decent. The omelette was fried till fragrant while the soup, though not that spicy, was sour and had a strong aroma of young ginger. There were small prawns and sliced fishcake in it which were alright for the price.
Every dish at “Thai Thai Nitta” (stall unit #01-22) costs a flat $4 which makes it easier when counting the price I guess.