They actually gave me this cake by mistake, I had actually ordered the Nagomi for a birthday celebration, but I only realised when I reached home. Called to clarify that Nagomi = earl grey, and that the white one I had was Ivory 😂 They were apologetic and offered a complimentary slice of Nagomi the next time I came by, and since my dinner location was around the area, we went to pick up it up before dinner. Great service recovery!

The cheesecake mousse was light, smooth and didn’t feel surfeiting. The sable base wasn’t crumbly, quite snappy but would have liked it to be slightly more crunchy. Maybe it’s because we had it the day after? Nice touch with the fig jam but it was just a thin layer brushed onto the sable, I love figs so I would have appreciated more of it, but that might also throw off the balance that the pastry chef intended for. I did really like this cake though! Was pleasantly surprised, because I’m not usually a cheesecake person but I would be happy to get this again.