@anju_singapore is the NEW kid on the Tras Street block. A Modern Korean Bar and Restaurant, it is owned by a couple of Koreans and a Singaporean and is, in my opinion, unique and super likeable (I for one, am eager to return).
Upon entering, I was struck by the tasteful design of the space and staff uniform. I learnt a little later that one of the Korean investors, @c._chloe is a fashion designer, which explains the stylish and elegant aesthetics of Anju.
The drinks menu is excellent as they showcase an exciting range of Korean alcohol, including brands that are exclusive to them. @huatkaliao and I fell in love with the two we tried - a White Lotus Makgeolli ($27), and the unusual and fun-to-drink Champagne Makgeolli ($75). The latter which is naturally fermented, was exceedingly wonderful on the nose and palate. We are determined to return and work our way through their alcohol list because frankly, it sounds too enticing.
Helming the kitchen is Korean Head Chef Kim Gi Deok (@kitchen.deok) previously of now-defunct Kimme on Amoy Street and more recently, a Two-MICHELIN Starred restaurant in Seoul. Although his team is quite lean at the moment, his food impressed us very much. I’d happily reorder all that we had (it helps that prices are attractive too). Below is a rundown of all we ate:

1. Bori Prawns ($8) - Awesome start with Chef Kim GD’s take on a popular Korean dish. He put a spin of crispiness which instantly made it a to-die-for snack food to pair with drinks.
2. Black Bean Mascarpone with Oven-baked Sourdough Chips ($16) - Very enjoyable creation inspired by Chef GD’s mentor, the highly-respected Chef Woo Jung Wook of @superpan_wjw that had green chive oil and suritae beans bringing gentle fragrance, sweetness and colour to the creaminess. A must-order.
3. Domi Carpaccio ($24) - Garnished with yuja-seasoned seaweed and barley makjang, the dressed red snapper was shocking in deliciousness. Another must-order.
4. Yangnyeom Cauliflower ($20) - From the hot section of the small plates, the florets were coated in a crunchy batter and tumbled in a sweet-spicy sauce. Adding a welcome dimension were curls of fresh spring onions and multigrain crumbs.
5. Hogam Jeon ($25) - A clever Korean-European hybrid of seafood pancake and rosti saw juicy prawns and zucchini strips intertwined in a crispy potato base. I liked it most dunked in the accompanying dip of pickled onions in soya sauce. There’s also an option to add cheese for $3 more if you prefer a pizza-like Hogam Jeon.
6. Housemade “White” Kimchi - Made with cabbage, radish and red dates, its refreshing crunch complements the rest of the dishes you choose to order. I found it paired especially well with the seafood rosti pancake.
7. Young Gae ($36) - Cutlery and decorum were thrown to the wind because this lipsmacker was worth dirtying my newly-manicured fingers for. The complex Yuja sauce (it’s spicy, tangy and slightly sweet) used for the immensely juicy and tender 21-day-old oven-roasted chicken was freaking fantastic!! Honestly, I wanted to lick the plate clean.
8. Galbi Jjim ($38 per pax, minimum order of 2 pax) - @huatkaliao and I are suckers for this hearty Korean classic but even then, I didn’t foresee how much we’d enjoy @Anju_singapore’s version. Those chunks of braised boneless shortrib were meltingly soft and tasty. And the tomatoes, potatoes and mushrooms in the sweetish sauce were perfection too. We prefer savouring it with rice, so adding a bowl of Anju’s barley and rice blend ($2) was necessary. The grains turned out to be more fragrant than plain rice and had a satisfying chew.
Because of its gorgeous aesthetics and comfortable ambience, this modern Korean bar and restaurant is ideal for date nights but visiting as a group is even better because you can do proper justice to the food and drinks menus.

Thank you Team @anju_singapore for a super evening and congratulations again on your opening!