Went to Apollo Coffee Bar on a thursday for brunch (yet another cafe chain from the Atlas group) was pleasantly surprised by the size of the cafe. i sat towards the back and the ambience was very nice. However, when i walked into the cafe itself to order, i noticed that due to the layout, it was extremely noisy.

We ordered the rosti ($23.50++) and shared it among 2 people with an extra side of italian sausages ($3++). what i found a bit strange was the smashed avo which came in 2 separate plates. the toast and avo with kale came on one plate and the scrambled eggs came separately which made it a bit difficult to eat.

the quality of food was very good as always, just a little on the higher side for a cafe. considering the portion sizes, i wouldn’t say the price is extremely worth it since it’s still subject to gst and service charge but definitely worth a try.

coffee is good as always! 🀀

ambience: 6-7/10
quality of food: 8.5/10
price: 7/10
service: 10/10

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