Located along the hectic roads in Pandan Indah, Thong Kee beats out its competitors with an East-meets-West twist. The Bentong-born coffeeshop churns out homemade croissants paired with good old local coffee — a winning combo that has us wondering why no one thought of it earlier. The spot-on, flaky Kaya Butter Croissant (RM4.50) comes filled with cold blocks of butter and sweet kaya spread. There is also a Ham & Cheese Croissant (RM6.90) if you prefer something warm, lush and savoury. Western breakfast aside, the kopitiam's tenants offer also local delights. Our favourite is the Kampua Noodles (from RM6) that sees homemade egg noodles with char siew, tossed in a tart vinegar-based sauce. Plus points for a killer green chilli sauce on the side!
Avg price per person: RM10