dirty brown sugar fresh milk + pearls: i didnt rly like this, but maybe it’s because i prefer milk teas to fresh milk. nevertheless, the milk was rich and creamy and though a little too sweet, the brown sugar syrup provided an intense caramelised flavour to the drink. the honey pearls impressed me with their soft yet chewy texture and deep honey taste!

pudding caramel milk tea + pearls: a good cup of caramel milk tea that sadly got a little cloying towards the end because i still found it a little too sweet despite my 30% sugar level 😬 still, the caramel taste was fragrant and prominent throughout the drink. the pudding on the other hand was lacklustre, though its jiggly texture made it enjoyable to slurp up. i paired this drink with the strawberry pearls and while it seemed bland initially, the more i chewed on them, the more the strawberry flavour became apparent, which was interesting. i also really!! liked how natural the strawberry flavour tasted as artificial flavourings can sometimes taste disgusting to me 🥵

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