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I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that this Crayfish Seafood Soup, which was featured in Mediacorp Channel 5’s Buzzing Hawkers, served their “Must Try” dish at only S$6.00, which was quite a steal in comparison with the other featured stalls. They really made the stock so rich and tasty, that the leftover soup (if any) could be poured over a bowl of rice to be eaten like Teochew Porridge (P.S.: Even their rice was so well-cooked!)

So other than giving one full crayfish, the seafood soup also contained a few slices of fish, some minced meatballs, cut tomatoes and a piece of Tau Kee. If crayfish is not your kind of thing, their Seafood Soup (S$4.00) had a substitute with prawns, but I personally felt that I enjoyed the richness of the Crayfish Seafood Soup more than the non-crayfish variant.