We came in the afternoon at 2PM, so we looked at their lunch menu (12.30-3PM). When paying - and this was BEFORE 3PM - they charged us the Night Menu (3PM-10.30PM) prices. I was shocked and asked them why - they told me Burpple deals follow the “main menu prices” aka Night Menu prices which were more expensive.

I didn’t really like that, but didn’t make a fuss about it. Afterwards I realised the menu that’s linked on the Beyond redemption page is the Night Menu too. It would’ve been a lot better if this was communicated to us beforehand (we did tell the waiters that we were using Burpple at the start) so we wouldn’t get a shock looking at the bill.

Otherwise, the food was overall good but pricey. The Nasi Lemak was very yummy - the chilli was very shiok, Otah and chicken were both delicious. It can be a little bit spicy for those that have a low tolerance for spicy foods, but for me it was just very shiok. $17 is a bit much for such a dish - I know I shouldn’t compare to a hawker price but I can’t help it. Even with the Beyond deal I still think it’s kind of pricey - and these prices are before GST.