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A collaboration with Yotsuba Milk Products Co. Ltd and Kki Sweets, this $9 (excluding service charge) Cheese Tart isn't your regular cheese tart that comes with lava cheese in the middle (no, this doesn't flow so yea ...). It's delightfully simple — the cheese filling looks fluffy but it's rich in flavour, creamy, smooth yet lightly cheesy at the same time; a very dainty and soothing tart to have. The base is also well-executed; firm and crumbled neatly with a slice of the fork; very buttery and fragrant that goes so well with the cheese filling.

Kki Sweets' last day of operations (once again) is on 1st January 2017; time to visit them if your last visit was a while ago or if you had not tried them before. Certainly would miss the idyllic space hidden away from the crowds that made my Mondays a little bit more enjoyable, and a little bit more tastier.