@hunghuatcakesandpastries offer different types of mooncakes in a variety of flavours that are handmade with ingredients made in-house! We got to try the Crispy Yam Mooncakes with and without yolk along with their Snowskin mooncakes in black sesame, blue pea white lotus, red bean with orange skin and white lotus with yolk flavours. We enjoyed these a lot, especially with how they were not too sweet. My favourites were the Crispy Yam Mooncakes mainly because I love yam and the white lotus with yolk snowskin mooncake!

If you are one that likes variety like me, they have mini mooncakes too! We had snowskin mooncakes in yam, green tea, durian and black sesame flavours. My favourite was the black sesame because there nutty flavour grows as you eat it.

We also had the baked mooncakes in golden jade (pandan), mixed nuts, Shanghai walnut mooncake and Pineapple mooncake. I liked the pandan flavour most because it was the most fragrant, the mixed nuts was good as well with a generous portion of nuts, the walnut mooncake had a cookie like texture so that was quite unique and the pineapple mooncake was buttery with pineapple paste in it too πŸ˜‹

Read from here for those lazy to read the chunks above:
My favourite mooncakes are crispy yam, black sesame snowskin and pandan baked mooncake πŸ€—

These mooncakes currently go at early bird promotional prices valid for orders and payment made before 24 Aug. Check out their account and DM them on Fb or IG to order!

Thank you @hunghuatcakesandpastries for sending these over! ☺️

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