Looking for a cheap and good fried rice? Check out King of Fried Rice at Golden Mile. It resembles closely to Din Tai Fung’s version but at half the price.

There are four types available: Original, XO, Tom Yum, Mala. I had the pork chop fried rice ($6.80) and added tobiko for an additional $1. If pork chops aren’t your thing, there’s just plain egg fried rice and prawns available.

The fried rice is rather eggy and each grain was so fluffy. I love how the XO sauce gave a slightly spicy and umami taste to the fried rice. What stands out is the generous serving of fried pork chop was packed with flavour in every bite. I must say the meat being well-marinated, tender and juicy. It was a good choice to add the tobiko topping as it provided a crunchy texture to the dish. If it was in a more convenient location, I’d had it more often.

This was an absolutely delicious plate of fried rice. I’ll be back to try the other varieties.

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