The highlight of this delicious plate was the Impossible patty, which is a sous vide plant-based patty with the texture and taste of a beef patty. The 150g patty cost $14 and here I've paired it with broccoli, sweet potato and mushroom medley.

I mean it doesn't really look impressive does it? It looks like a big ol portobello mushroom to me. Cutting into it, I was quite surprised to find it did have the texture of a medium rare patty. It was fork tender and had soft chunks that had the mouthfeel of bits of fat and cartilage. And it certainly had a beefy, meaty flavor to it. The patty was seasoned well; I could see bits of grated carrot, onion and greens inside.

However it lacked the juiciness of a beef patty and there was still something off about the taste that really confused my taste buds. I suggest dipping it in one of Wafuken's sauces like the garlic soy to enhance the flavor of the food.

Overall quite a good option for vegans who crave the flavor of meat. I'm still quite intrigued as to how such a meaty texture is produced without using any actual meat.