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Nature’s Nutrition is an online marketplace for healthy foods and they’ve opened up a takeaway stall selling grain bowls and kombucha in Aperia Mall (beside Cold Storage)! Seems quite popular with the lunch crowd looking for a tasty but clean meal.

I got the Baked Salmon Bowl that came with a quinoa base, tender chunks of pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, romaine and small apple and cucumber cubes. Whew, but there’s even more mixed in; pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and apricots, keeping every mouthful exciting. The salmon caught me off guard too, being really moist and seasoned perfectly with a bit of spice. I’m no kombucha (+$3/set) expert, but their original is pretty accessible; not too sour and very refreshing. Definitely wouldn’t mind coming back for more on those days when the food guilt sets in. 😂

Been meaning to go down and try this place for a while, I'm glad to see it looks good!