Truffle Portocardo (set $12.5)
This burger is using sourdough so it got a unique different taste of bun. It taste more chewy and got a veerry small hint of sour. There's also a hidden layer of kimchi underneath the lettuce. Overall it tastes great, we can feel the freshness of the ingredients and it's not washed over heavily with sauce. Too bad for this burger the cheese is somehow concentrated on 1/4 of the burger. The sauteed mushroom sides also quite savory and nice.
The set also comes with 1 kombucha which will wake you up for sure! Most of the kombucha got this strong sour taste but it taste fresh to me. It's not everyone's cup of tea tho so try it a bit if you never have it!

This is one of my go to place when I need to eat delicious vegetarian food. They got a very fresh salads and the sauce also taste great!

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