📍Micro bakery, Red house📍
💸 Scrambled egg free-range egg toast
💸 Sourdough egg tart
💸 Kanelbullar (Swedish cinammon roll)
Visited Micro bakery🛕 some time ago and we love absolutely everything about this little cafe. With an in-house open kitchen, it was an absolute delight to see them baking in action and to have the smell of fresh bakes wafting through the cafe!🥖 Love their quality bakes and hearty breakfast options as well such as their scrambled egg free-range toast and kanelbullar which is a swedish cinammon roll.👍

Super glad we went on the weekend they were having an in-house special of sourdough egg tarts.🥰 Got them as soon as they came out of the oven so they were piping hot!!🔥 Their sourdough crust was super flaky and crispy and their custard filling was so light and creamy, almost reminiscent of Portuguese egg tarts. Instantly became a huge fan of their egg tart but it's such a pity that it's a time-limited special on the menu.😭 Please bring them back soon and we'll definitely head down to support!!☕