Karen u can't just ask why this dish is dark. Champagne ribs ($18 for small I think?) - since we chanced upon this zichar I frantically googled for the popular dishes and all I saw were champagne ribs and chilli crab. Kinda bummed about not ordering the chilli crabs because dang those mantous looked so crispy ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

These ribs though. They were life changing ribs I tell ya!!!!!! The sauce were sweet and sticky but not too sweet and were also kinda salty and the ribs even though they were super thick (like me thighs) they were very very tender (I don't know if they're like my thighs) although it wasn't falling off the bone type of tender. But finger lickin gud although I was already bursting by then.
Tad expensive for 4 pieces of ribs but for a life changing experience?? Worth it. (Ok also because I didn't have to pay for it hahahah)