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This is the first proper souffle I've ever eaten and I must say I wasn't disappointed. These were light, jiggly and airy, kinda like eating clouds. I really like their texture and subtle, mellow eggy flavor.

I couldn't quite identify the lobster in the souffle itself though, and while there was a huge lobster claw on top of the souffle it wasn't really that fresh as it was kind of chewy. The seafood in the bouillabaisse fared a lot better. The prawns had a bouncy, 'QQ' texture and peeled effortlessly from the shell. The mussels and clams were sweet. My personal favorite was the generous chunks of tender, flavorful fish. The stew itself had a strong shellfish flavor with a slight hint of tomato, if you love shellfish you'd definitely love this stew.

While this cost $32, the Burpple 1 for 1 made it a lot more affordable to try this infamously difficult to execute dish. While I don't know if I would be back, I had a very pleasant, peaceful dining experience with my dining partner and we had a lot of fun sampling all the different souffles.