✨Atlas Coffeehouse✨
At-las-T (at last) I ticked Atlas Coffeehouse off my bucket list🤣

Did someone say sweet 🍬 & savoury 🥓?

I ordered The Gentleman's Relish which consists of soft creamy scrambled eggs 🍳, charred 🔥 san-marzano tomatoes 🍅, compound butter 🧈, honey 🍯 mascarpone & toasted sourdough🤤

Look 👀 at that soft glistening egg 🥚

I must say the best part of this dish is definitely the house-made creamy honey 🍯 mascarpone!!! Mascarpone cheese 🧀 itself has a tart profile, adding honey 🍯 allows the flavours to come through nicely at the same time, giving it natural sweetness😝 So addictive👻👻

Wanna give a shout-out to the charred 🔥 san-marzano tomatoes!🍅 It has amazing flavours💋 This charred plump tomato 🍅 is rich yet very sweet with an intense tomatoey flavour! The tomatoes 🍅 seemed a little dry at first but when you cut open, it’s super moist🙉 Every bite 👄 I took, felt like I was eating a tomato 🍅 candy😆

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~ The Gentleman's Relish $18.50

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~ Latte ☕️
~ Oat Milk Latte ☕️

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