Went past this estate and decided to venture in, only to remember a particular dimsum stall within a coffeeshop that ieatishootipost had mentioned. Decided to drop by for a visit and probably the best decision I have ever made — this Chee Cheong Fun is simply errr-mahh-gawd good! After having countless versions of coffeeshop Chee Cheong Fun, this was a refreshing break from those thick rolls with puny little shrimp within. This achieved a good texture; silken and smooth that is slurpy without being too thick nor too thin — easily absorbing the savoury soy sauce it's doused with for ample flavour. Inside, plump prawns for coffeeshop dimsum standards that are fresh and cooked just to the right degree without ending up in a mush. Probably the best coffeeshop Chee Cheong Fun I have ever had, and definitely a must-try!