Besides the existing swiss rolls, cookies and cakes, there is a new lineup that includes rarely seen traditional handmade Hainanese kueh know as yi bua and a collaboration with the famous Taiwanese crispy chicken joint, MONGA.

The handmade Yi Bua ($7.90 for 6 pieces) comes in two flavours, the traditional one in white is a steamed dumpling made with glutinous rice and potato flour and filled with a sweetened mixture of gula melaka, grated coconut filling, ginger juice and crushed roasted peanut. The modernized one in pink comes with additional peanuts in it. Both are shaped in a triangular form with a banana leaf at the base for easy consumption.

The Hainanese MONGA Crispy Chic Toast Bun with Ice Lemon Tea ($9.90) will be available till 31 July, and it comes with an XXL crispy fried chicken sandwiched between two soft fluffy buns, with cheese, tomato, cucumber and lettuce added to it. You can also enjoy this sandwich with sides such as coleslaw, Hainanese curry sauce or a sweet & sour tomato sauce. If you prefer something sweet, there is a whole range of butter cakes with flavours such as Rum and Raisin ($9), Teh Tarik and Kopi Guyou, and to wash it all down, there is the Bao Cha Series of milk tea such as the Oolong Milk Tea ($4.80) which comes with konjac pearls in it.
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