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Ok fine. Not a thousand miles. But it did cost me 2 tolls and 22 minutes if driving, 5 minutes of traffic congestion and unfamiliar roads. But was it worth it? 😏 The pork neck is nicely flavoured, delicious even on its own. Juicy and tender, the fat and meat just work together in unison to keep each other moist. But wait. What's this? Dipping sauce? Yes. Go for it. Drown your pork slice in it. And people might not know this, but I actually like the neck meat more than the pork belly. Yes. Working at the butchers has thought me a lot. All in all, this relatively new place seems promising. BBQ Pork Neck with Seafood Sauce is priced at RM 26.90 and eat it with Thai Fragrant Rice (RM 3 for 2 pax) for a quick bite. Or go Thai communal style and order more and share.