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Checked out the new Kor Kai at myVillage @ Serangoon Gardens, opened by the same folks behind Unyongkordai at South Bridge Road and taking over the former premises of GuThai Noodle Bar within the mall.

Being one of the items that intrigued us when we skimmed through the menu, patrons can choose to pair it up with a Thai Papaya Salad, or just with white rice. Really liked how the chicken was carrying a light and crisp skin on the exterior, while the meat is just so juicy and succulent with a savoury note. The skin comes with peppercorns for a slight tinge of spiciness; being more for flavour rather than for the heat, the spiciness is pretty mild and should be acceptable to those who have lower tolerance to spiciness. The accompanying chili on the side was also splendid; almost akin to those commercially-produced crispy chili (老干妈) yet with a sauce that carries a savoury note that also had the consistency of Thai chili sauce. Pretty amazing, and something which I would most certainly have again.