Other than carrying a local twist to their range of burgers, Shiok Ave also served some classic items like the Double Cheese (S$9.00) which was served with charcoal buns. Visually, it might not turn out as majestic as their signature “So Shiok!” burger, but it was really filling enough for me.

The beef patties were quite thick, but I thought that the meat was a little over-minced, so the texture could differ bit from ground beef. Apart from that, the patty was also a tad salty. I was not certain how easy they could go with the salt usage, but if that could not be regulated, I would say the best solution would be to get an upgrade (S$3.00) which would include a canned drink and fries or chicken tenders. If you were trying this for the first time, remind the staff to serve the fries without salt... you would need it.

Lastly, seats would be very limited at the basement food hall, so it would be best to secure a seat before proceeding to order.