Really happy whenever I see this sweet ptt bun/bread appear magically at home - truly one of life’s simple pleasures 🤩 I love how the sweet ptt just tastes so natural within the bread, without being too cloying (even though it’s carbs on carbs 🤪)

If you haven’t tried this yet, just imagine having a warm fluffy pau with coarsely mashed purple sweet ptt (✨texture✨) on a rainy day.... 💯
Pls do get this and the yam one whenever you can + always warm it up before eating for max happiness!!! 🤪🤟

Pro tip: if you’re really lazy to steam paus, just spritz a teeny bit of water on the pau surface & pop it in the microwave for 30-45s (dep on the settings!) & voila!!! 🤟🤩

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