I went to a hospital to drink coffee 😂 Ng Teng Fong hospital - yes, the fancy hospital that looks like a condominium from the outside.

Was surprised to find their shop space is not like your typical café where you can sit down & have a cuppa. If you really want to sit, there's the common area right outside the shop - there are, like, 5 benches to sit at (+2 standing tables). Not a lot of space alright, so that's depending on availability.

I like how there are inspirational/motivational quotes on the cup covers. These can come off as pretentious, but the friendliness & warmth of the nice lady taking my order made it seem more genuine 😉 & it also happens to be a timely reminder to myself at this point in my life.

Coffee-wise: Smallest cup ("standard")= single shot, medium cup ("regular") = double shot. In the picture you'll see my Standard Latte ($4.90) & Regular Cappuccino ($5.60). They didn't have the boldness & strength of the coffee that I am used to, but t'was still a pleasant cup of coffee at a reasonable price. Also their cakes look quite amazing & they have cake sets (a slice of cake + latte/cappuccino from $8.50 onwards) which I would very much like to try the next time.

💷 Cash only
🌬 Air-conditioned seats - if you get lucky