From The Tipsy Wolves situated at Bistro 8 along Foch Road at Jalan Besar, also known as the coffeeshop where Kok Kee Wanton Noodles is reopening, and also where Dynasty Fried Porridge is also located now.

Really impressed by the quality of the Western fare served up here; the Grilled Pork Belly comes with other elements such as Butter Cooked Wong Bok, Roasted Potato, Spice Caramel and Burnt Noisette. The slab of pork belly comes glistening here from its own juices; well-crusted on the exterior. Unlike other places that uses a sous-vide technique to prepare the dish completely, I liked how this version retains the some of the fibrous quality of the meat without being overly tender, providing some texture to the meat while the fatty parts still remains gelatinous and melt-in-the-mouth. Roasted potatoes provided a good bite, whilst being well-seasoned for flavour, but my favourite elements here had to be the spice caramel and the butter cooked Wong Bok; the former helping to add that pretty unique hint of sweetness that works so well with the savoury meat, whilst also carrying a hint of umami with the Wong Bok. Looking forward to be back to try the other dishes they have to offer!