The very appropriately named “Crackling Organic Chicken” at The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar has a battered coating that puts others well in the shade. Seemingly formed from a gazillion air bubbles (the batter reminds me of the kind you find on some excellent “goreng pisangs”), it is extremely light but fantastically crunchy. That, however, is only one of three reasons why I was so blown away by this dish.
The pool of vibrant orange liquid, a brilliant blend of their fierce housemade habanero hot sauce with butter, is another. Its tongue-tingling tangy fieriness is the perfect lip-smacking lava to ignite each bite of the chicken with.
Last but not least, to help temper the burn is a gentle, sweet-natured creamed corn.
I was besotted with every part of this dish. So was everyone else who stole a bite from me. And not coincidentally, it so happens to be Head Chef Lisa Revilla’s personal favourite item as well.