This is one of the most well-kept secrets by our editor, until now. It's mainly seafood and oysters at Greenwood Fish Market and Bistro, but they offer a seriously great burger — the Angus Burger ($21.95). This masterpiece contains a really, really juicy, freshly minced Angus beef patty that fares best when done medium, portobello mushroom, a thick slice of sweet tomato and tangy gherkin. Despite all the wonderful flavours and textures, the beef really shines. The setting here is perfect for a date, but only come when you and your beau are truly comfortable with each other — you'll want to get your hands and face dirty for this burger. For a better balanced meal, order their foolproof Fish and Chips ($19.95) alongside the burger and share! A glass of wine or cold beer goes splendidly with this meal.
Photo by Burppler Jayne Tan