I haven’t been to PS Cafe in years and they have expanded a whole lot since their days at Ann Siang Hill. Visited the Paragon outlet at level 3 which was bustling on a Wednesday night!

There are many who claim that PS Cafe’s truffle fries are the best in Singapore, whether that’s the case or not, it certainly is one of the staple items that you see on almost every table. The aromatic smell of truffle wafted out of the kitchen, preceding the arrival of our truffle fries.

Let me tell you, these are some damn good fries. They’re crispy on the outside, and don’t get soggy or soft even after they’ve cooled down throughout the meal. There’s a ton of grated cheese on the top, so be sure to eat that quickly or else it hardens into huge chunks. The fries are not overly oily, which is great. I thought the serving was incredibly large, but we surprisingly finished the whole basket among 3 of us! This is a strong contender against Atlas Coffeehouse (and their sister cafes) famous truffle fries, but ultimately whichever you find the best in Singapore is probably a matter of your own taste. I found that PS Cafe’s truffle fries did not have such an strong aroma as compared to Atlas’s, but both were very good fries in their own regard.

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