There’s no reason now to not try @xinyuanji.fishheadsteamboat which has now taken over the space of the defunct FarmAppetit that’s just across the street, for its 2nd outlet. Famously known for their fish soup and long queues at the Tan Quee Lan street’s main outlet. Brought the folks who are fish head steamboat fans, but the fish head steamboat was unfortunately still unavailable due to the shortage in manpower.

The folks gave their approval for the fish head beehoon soup instead as the freshness was undeniably evident. I chose the mixed fish to find out how good they really are. Priced slightly higher, there were 4 thick chunks (I wouldn’t call them merely slices) of fresh fish and fried fish each, tender yet firm. With milk added, the broth was brimming with extra sweetness although slightly salty. Belly comforting during this monsoon season!