I came here twice because it was convenient and we weren’t really hungry. 1st round (not in photo): ebi/shrimp don, katsu/friend pork cutlet don, spicy chicken ramen, kitsune udon. 2nd round: sliced pork belly don, char siew ramen, sliced beef Japanese curry. The dons and Japanese curry were good, decent portion, sufficient ingredients and good taste. I especially enjoyed the ebi tamago don, maybe the fried egg gave more flavor. The sliced pork belly don was not bad, although I felt the pork was on the drier side. All the ramen and udon weren’t great, broth is quite plain and the portion and ingredients were little in general. The kistune udon (u.p. $13++) is just udon noodles and fried tofu. The char siew slices were not bad though, very soft and tender. Overall, without 1 for 1, I wouldn’t come back here as it’s too pricey for the amount and quality you’re getting.