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My friend ordered the eggs benedict with smoked salmon and i ordered the butterscotch popcorn waffles, sharing a pot of honey sencha tea at the same time. The honey sencha tea (4/5) was really good, as you can taste nodes of honey while drinking the tea itself, really refreshing and light. The smoked salmon eggs benedict for my friend, it was quite awkward for her as the salmon did not match the taste of the mushroom jam that was served with the eggs benedict. The dressing from the salad also made the muffins soggy. Not a good dish, but try if you are exploring different eggs benedict (2/5). The butterscotch waffles took some time, but it was worth it. The artisan vanilla ice cream came just soft and not so sweet, complementing with the bananas and popcorn served with the waffles. A chef's recommendation there, definitely worth a try (4/5)

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